VW Golf Nearside Front Wing

VW Golf Nearside Front Wing

I landed this job after being unable to repair similar damage on a neighbour’s car.  I was disappointed that I couldn’t help the first customer, as he had taken the decision to give up driving at the age of 90… You could’ve knocked me over with a feather.  The gentleman was as sharp and spritely as someone 20 years his junior.  Very sad that his decision to give up driving was based partly on the recent damage to his car.

Anyway, I, nor a dent devil friend of mine were able to help, but whilst I was on site I was approached by the owner of this beautiful VW Golf, that had front wing damage from a hit and run parking incident.  The heavy ‘kiss’ between the 2 vehicles had resulted in paint transfer and heavy scuffing.  I advised that this would be improved, but not totally repaired.

The success of this type of repair is dependent on getting the metal to move, without making the area look worse or overworked.  The area at the top of the damage is referred to as the ‘crown or brow’ and is where the pressure is.  It needs tapping down or flattening before the dent can be fully repaired, but if its tapped too soon, the metal won’t move anywhere.  I often use the term ‘suck it and see’, but in reality the skill required is slightly more technical than that.

After 2 – 3 hours of pushing, pulling, tapping and blending the area was ready for polishing.  I was pleased with the overall result with the dent repair, however not so with the paint correction, as the scuff/scratching was too heavy to get 100%.  However, Mr P was over the moon and saved £30 on my quote, which resulted in him paying less than £100.

VW Golf front wing repair

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