Pre and Post Lease Inspections

With both personal and business vehicle leasing becoming ever more popular, our thorough Pre and Post Lease Inspections are designed to help customers avoid the heavy repair bills frequently imposed by leasing companies, even for very minor bodywork repairs.

We undertake a full inspection of your lease vehicle, both at the start of your lease term and also at the end of the lease period, just prior to the vehicle being returned to the leasing company. It is common practice for leasing companies, on return of a vehicle, to identify dents and to charge the customer for the cost of repairs. With the addition of admin charges and other costs, the value can often be significant.

Pre and post lease inspections

Our Lease Inspection service is designed to minimise any final costs incurred. Our pre-lease inspection, carried out at the start of the lease term, ensures that the customer has not inherited any bodywork damage to their newly acquired vehicle. The post-lease inspection then identifies any dents picked up during the period of the lease, allowing the customer the option of having the dents removed before returning the vehicle, usually at a much reduced cost.


£40 per inspection

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