Seat Leon FR – Tailgate

Seat Leon FR – Tailgate

Seat Leon FR Tailgate – I first clamped eyes on this dent when Mr H popped the car over to one of my trade customers in Marham.  I took a look at the tailgate dent and was informed that a falling spirit level had caused the damage.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to repair the damage there and then, but arranged with the customer to meet up with his wife later in the week.

Owning a Seat myself, I knew the metal would be relatively forgiving, but the impact from the spirit level had caused quite a sharp and very noticeable dent on the curve of the tailgate and initially I couldn’t be sure of access or outcome.  I met Mrs H in a car park in Dereham, on what appeared to be the coldest morning of the year.  It was trying to snow, but that was the least of my worries.  I had a dent to fix!

Mrs H kindly dropped the key to me and I set to work.  My hands by this stage were so cold that I was unable to remove the inner boot panel. I thought I’d fallen at the first hurdle!  Without admitting that I put a pair of woolly gloves on, I put on a pair of woolly gloves. With blood circulation restored, I removed the tailgate panel and set to work.  Once I had identified the route of attack, the repair was relatively straightforward.  First soft, second hard and finishing with a sharp tip.  The panel was restored, less a very minor bruising to the paint, to its former glory.

Refitting of the boot panel was twice as difficult as removal, but that’s life… I can’t expect the weather to hold out and have an easy refit!

Following a two stage polish with Menzerna PG1000 and PF2500 I messaged Mrs H to inform her that her car was ready for collection.  We discussed the cause of the dent and settled the blame with the toss of a coin (Mrs H will understand).  Hopefully another satisfied customer and some additional business from a colleague.

Seat Leon FR-Tailgate repair

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