Peugeot 208 – Rear passenger door damage

Peugeot 208 – Rear passenger door damage

After receiving a call from one of my regular (3rd repair in as many years) customers, I headed over to Sprowston to take a look at this unusual damage to the rear door of a very clean Peugeot 208.  The damage, we think… was caused by a rival football fan whilst the car was parked at the County Hall car park.  I won’t comment on whether the customer was a home or away fan, but he wasn’t happy with the result (of damage to his car).

I advised that I would aim for a good improvement as it was evident that there was a nasty L shape of damage, within the larger soft dent.  The paint was slightly marked and this type of repair can take a while to get right.  I couldn’t complain about access, so set about the repair.  The interim pic with all of the scribble shows the specific areas that i concentrate on during a repair.  Please don’t try and work too much out from my markings, I often struggle…

Anyway, a couple of hours passed and I received the green light from the customer.  He said he was very pleased with the repair and promised to keep my business card handy for future reference.

Peugeot 208 scribbles Peugeot 208 repair

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