No win, no fee! Mercedes C Class

No win, no fee! Mercedes C Class

Mercedes C Class – Today, I travelled over to Wymondham to take a look at this gorgeous Mercedes C Class. Unfortunately, the owner had returned to his car and found that someone had ‘mis-parked’. My guess is that a white van or 4×4 had turned in or out of a parking space (Wymondham Library Car Park) and ‘kissed’ the nearside rear quarter of this car.

Once I received the initial enquiry and pic, I knew that I was going to be up against it… Difficult area, slight overstretch and paint damage.  On arrival, I advised Mr S that I would see how the repair unfolded. With the nagging ‘the paint is still damaged’ thought in my head, I set about tackling the dent.

I spent more time removing the rear light than I spend on most repairs.  The build quality of this car is second to none!  Anyway, light out and still not brilliant access.  I spent 2 and a half hours (2 cups of coffee real time…) attempting the repair.  A combination of glue pull and rod pushing techniques to get to the ‘after’ pic.  I achieved more than I expected, but after chatting with the customer agreed to draw a line.  The damage on the rear quarter and bumper needed paint.  I could’ve spent another hour achieving another 5-10%, but felt that Mr S was better going down the insurance/body shop route.  I didn’t charge anything for the improvement achieved.

Many of my customers and competitors will wonder why I am posting a blog of a failed repair.  My reply is ‘why not?’. I prefer openness and honesty. I don’t win them all, but I attempt repairs that others will decline and I don’t charge if I’m not satisfied with the improvement.  Thank you for the opportunity Mr S and wishing you all the very best for the wedding!

Mercedes C Class - After

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