Ford Focus ST – Grate job!

Ford Focus ST – Grate job!

Ford Focus ST – Fresh off the press, a recent repair and ‘blogged’ within 24 hrs (actually 30, but doesn’t sound quite as clinical…).  A local customer. Dent caused by a neighbour’s son jumping out of mum’s car after his first trip in the front seat.  I can only imagine how the poor chap felt when he popped round to apologise to the owner of the car.

The impact on the ST was about 4 – 5 inches from the hinge side of the door.  A vertical crease, flattened body line and red paint transfer from the other car door.  Access was straight down the side of the window, however, as the window doesn’t travel all the way down there was a degree of risk with over cranking.  Fortunately, the Ford metal was compliant and relatively forgiving…

I was generally pleased with the repair, but slightly annoyed with myself for dropping a clanger, or more to the point a tap down (small tool for tapping down high areas or crowns).  I usually carry a rubber car mat that I cover any drains or grates with.  My featured image clearly shows a grate within range. I saw it, carried out a risk assessment and ignored. What are the chances of a tool (not me!) rolling off my tool box and plopping straight into the drink? In hindsight, I’d say about 100%.  My saving grace was the fact that the customer lives on a new estate with building works still in progress. A site manager came to the rescue with knowledge of the drain’s depth and more importantly content.  The offer of a wash with sanitiser was an absolute bonus.

My day was made when I received the feedback from the customer: ‘Wow! Did you put a new door on? Absolutely phenomenal. Can’t believe it looks so good’. If I could do my work for free then today would’ve been a rewarding day. Thank you Mr CB for your business and kind words.

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