Audi SQ5 wing damage

Audi SQ5 wing damage

A long overdue blog on a recent repair that I completed on this gorgeous Audi SQ5. We think the damage was caused by a loaded shopping trolley or possibly a misjudged parking incident. Either way, there was no paint damage and the dent was ideal for PDR.

Access was gained via the wheel arch liner, which was secured by 3 torx head screws. No restrictions once inside the wing, but the repair was a ‘toughie’ due to the sharpness of the crease and also the fact that it cut horizontally through the bodyline.

The technique I use for a repair like this is firstly to reduce the overall size of the dent, by selecting an appropriately sized tip to massage the rear of the panel. Next step is to choose a smaller tip (varying degrees of hardness depending on the shape and strength of the dent) and work the damage a little bit like massaging an air bubble from beneath a piece of vinyl. As the dent decreases in size, it is often necessary to open it back by tapping the sides of the dent, or indeed other areas of the damage where high areas (crowns or brows) have been noted.

The success of a repair is dependent on access, the extent of the damage and the skill/toolset of the technician. The benefits of PDR over a conventional repair are cost (although this doesn’t have to be the primary factor), keeping the paint original, speed, convenience and the environment (no unnecessary paint aerosol, dust or filler).

Approximately 2hrs later. Lots of pushing, tapping and a bit of polishing the damage was almost repaired. A faint marring of the paint was evident along the direction of the crease. I had attempted to ‘close’ the area, but the panel looked high and puckered, so a well placed run of taps relieved the tension in the metal and an overall improvement of 90-95%.

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